HISS Studio
Denver, CO

Bio: I wrench on & drive fast cars, smoke cigars, drink scotch and love a good joke. Still reigning Queen of the Geeks last time the poll came back, and proud of it. My midcentury ranch is midcentury in and out, and the Clan of the Furry Ones oversee my humble domain. Oh yeah, and I teach sewing classes. Once a month I host Sew n Sudz on Meetup.com, for local sewers to gather round, have a few drinks, and wear/discuss their sewing escapades. Another great meetup I am a member of is the Denver Sewing Collective, which is very supportive of all things sewing and a really really fun group of fellow geeks and nerds. I also teach classes with Dabble.co/Denver, which is a neat educational site for those looking to DABBLE in new things. All 3 are fun, you should check 'em out. With over 30 years sewing experience and many many sewing "experiments" gone good and bad, it was time to share some of these findings with others who enjoy sewing and making garments and home decor items. I truly believe anyone that wants to learn to sew will be able to make quality items with the proper skills offered to them.

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